Next In Music wants to help all music industry professionals to thrive in this challenging but exciting market and embrace the future. We aim at bringing more innovation in the music market and help all music industry professionals to thrive in this challenging but exciting market.

There is a gap, at least in France, between innovative players (mostly startups) and music professionals. Because of a lack of time, information or resources, these music pros have a hard time including innovation in their day-to-day activities. Additionally, the current French startup ecosystem is not really adapted to music solutions, leaving a lot of promising projects on their own.

Next In Music’s mission rolls out into several activities:

  • Facilitating access to information about innovation, new trends and opportunities, through nextinmusic.com and the weekly newsletter (in French only for now)
  • Acting as a connector between music professionals and innovative players to create opportunities for everyone, through our French Music Tech community and regular events
  • Supporting innovative players and startups in the challenging yet exciting tasks they are facing with tips, Q&A, through the safe space French Music Startups Slack community (accessible only to current or former startup members)
  • Providing external help to music players in strategy and business development to launch or expand their services in France, through Next In Music advisory activities



With a career dedicated to the music industry since the beginning, Marion is an industry specialist. Her first position at Universal Music Group in the Business Development / Brands Partnership division, gave her the opportunity to work on a variety of strategic projects, in a variety of music markets, from emerging to mature ones.

She then chose to pursue her own venture in the music startup world. She worked for 2 years on the first recommendation system for live music and festivals, lovelivemusic.fr. Her goal was to help the public find the good artists to see live, and help artists understand who was the right public for them. Collecting valuable data about a concert-goer tastes and habits would have helped livemusic professionals to increase their results.

Since March 2017, she is dedicated to completing Next In Music’s mission.

All these experiences give Marion a very good understanding of the music market, in France but also abroad. She knows how to analyse, evaluate market potential and needs, create the relevant solutions and define and implement business models that will support these solutions. She is also trained in the Design Thinking method to include innovative thinking in all activities. Occasional speaker (BlendWebMix), she has a great network in the music ecosystem.

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